Renault F1 Sport Heritage Collection Layshaft and Gear Lamp

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Renault Sport F1 Heritage - Re-engineeredPart of the official Renault Sport Formula One Team collection, these race-used gears and layshafts have been re-engineered into stylish lighting for your home. The design team at Memento Exclusives have exclusive access to the archive of race-used Renault Sport F1 components, to enable you to own a genuine piece of the car in your home!These gearbox components once changed gear 50 times faster than you can blink on the F1 circuits of the world!Made from toughened steel and in its original race-used condition, the layshaft forms the stem of the lamp, with the gear ratio as the base - mounted to a moulded carbon fibre plinth. Each one of the 80,000 Renault F1 components which make-up each race car has a unique identification number - and these original part numbers remain on display on the gear ratio and layshaft.  Topped with a stylish black fabric shade, the lamp will be admired by the design concious and petrol heads alike. Lamp measures 44cmH x 25cmW (shade) and is fitted with black flex and an in-line on/off switch.Part of the official 'Piece of the Team' collection, this lamp features genuine components from the Renault Sport heritage and comes complete with an official team certificate of authenticity. These gear ratios and layshaft were raced on the Renault F1 Team cars between 2002 and 2010. Please allow 3 weeks from order for your lamp to be hand-crafted. Re-engineered in the UK under licence from Renault Sport Racing Limited. Please note, this lamp is supplied with a UK plug. The plug can be easily changed by your local electrician.